5 days left till we announce the film’s composer!

Four years ago I used to ride the subway to Wilshire Blvd, taking the 720 rapid bus down to Beverly Dr for work, overall the commute took around 50 minutes; and on that commute, almost every day that I rode the bus, I started that bus ride with one specific song. Every day.

Some mornings the bus was too crowded to sit, and I would stand near the middle windows, listening to this one song - concentrating on the opening sequence of For Thousands of Miles, other mornings it was slow, and most of the seats were empty, I would sit there, small pad of paper in my hand, scribbling down notes on edits, narration ideas, film structure; and all the while, this one song would keep me constant. It was what I always came back to - with everything else going on in my life, this one song was how I made sure to reset anytime I was working out solutions in my head for the film. 

Eventually, this specific song did make its way into the opening of the film, and it stayed there for the following two years that I spent editing. There was no other piece of music that ever came close to replacing it; until just 11 days ago. 

The person who created this one song I listened to so often, was always my dream-choice for a composer, there was no one else I had in mind. And on November 25th, I asked them if they would create music for the film, and they said yes. 11 days ago, this person sent a piece of music that easily, without the slightest bit of hesitation or nostalgia on my part, replaced the opening music in the film. 

I’m so excited to announce who this person is next Monday - the score is shaping up to be something really beautiful! 

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